Time Clocks

Time Clocks

Our unique clocking systems consist of electronic time clocks which record employee’s punch in or out times.

The time clocks can identify employees in different ways, some use fingerprints, some RFID proximity cards, some even have sophisticated face recognition and others can use a combination of these technologies.

The exact technology you will want to use depends on what industry you are working in and if you are concerned about security and performance…

  • RFID technology use cards or key ring tags which can simply be presented in front of the time clock to identify the user, the technology is very reliable and fast to use.

  • Fingerprint technology uses the unique finger pattern that each user has. This technology doesn’t record your fingerprint rather it measures your fingerprint. It’s now a well proven technology which eliminates buddy punching, which can take place with card based systems.
    There are various finger scanners on the market and some perform better than others. We stock optical sensors which are good for most office & factory environments and we also stock the newer high performance sensors which can read beneath the users skin making them the best fingerprint scanners in the world, faster and more secure than any other system including the old hand geometry scanners that were once popular with construction sites.

  • Combined Fingerprint & RFID technology machines are also available and give flexability, security and the best of both technologies in one time clock. 

  • Face Recognition is the latest technology to become available for clocking system. These affordable units are fast and friendly to use and are a great alternative to fingerprint. They measure the persons 3D facial features and so cannot be fooled by a photograph. They also work in various light conditions including complete darkness. Many companies are now using and loving this hands free technology.


You can have multiple time clocks all recording punches from anywhere including on site or off site locations. Data can be downloaded locally via USB or remotely via networks or internet. Some time clocks also support USB flash pen or SD card download, a great alternative when a standalone time clock is required.

The captured punch records data is then transferred to a computer running our included ClockReports XE basic software where all the data is gathered and transformed into informative reports telling you detailed information about your employees working hours.

There are various affordable anytime upgrade versions of our ClockReports XE software available transforming XE basic into either Lite, Advanced or Ultimate.

Depending on your companies needs and the level of information you require you may want to view the comparison chart to decide which software package is most suitable.